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Grab the Skincare Tips Book and start your journey to beautiful and glowing skin from the inside out. It’s packed with information from the nutrients you can add to your meals to promote healthy skin cells, to the natural skincare ingredients that are most suited to your skin type.

You’ll learn:

  • An easy way to test what skin type you have

For Normal & Dry skin

  • How to get rid of dry skin
  • What foods you can add to your diet for healthy skin
  • What are the best natural skincare ingredients for preventing dry skin

For Combination & Oily skin

  • What foods you can add to your diet for clear skin
  • What foods to avoid if you get acne
  • What are the best natural skincare ingredients for controlling oil

Makeup and sunscreen tips for preventing sun damage

“I’ve never really bothered to look into what skin type I had before now. As I was reading it, I found it to be so true! I’m now going to change up my routine and watch out for more skin beautifying foods to eat!”

Libby, Wellington, October 17

“I found this e-book super helpful, particularly the guidance for taking care of dry skin. All of the tips were so practical and I’ve been able to adjust my day-to-day life to finally sort out my dry skin.”

Kristen, Auckland, October 17

“It is so informative!l and very thorough. I really enjoyed the read and it is a great for anyone who is thinking about taking better care of their skin.”

Kyrin, Auckland, October 17

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