Face mapping – are your pimples trying to tell you something?

Do you sometimes get pimples on certain areas of your face but not on others? The ancient Chinese tradition of Face Mapping can shed light on why this happens. It’s a way to look at the face from a holistic perspective and identify particular organs or processes in your body that may be not be functioning at 100% and give them some TLC.

The theory is that once you resolve the particular issue within your body that any spots you have will disappear.  If this sounds like something you’re keen to try, take note of where your spots appear on your face and match them up.

face mapping

Face mapping for spots on your forehead

Spots on your forehead are linked to your digestive system in particular to your bladder and the small intestine. It may be that your body is having a hard time breaking down some of the food groups you are consuming. Focus on adding more plants to your diet and reducing the number of unhealthy foods put into your body. Keeping a food diary and speaking to a nutritionist is a good way of checking if these pimples could be related to a particular food.

Spots between your eyes

Face mapping tells us that if your pimples show up in between your eyes this is a sign that your liver needs support to eliminate toxins out of your body. To reduce the number of toxins your body has to process look to reduce the amount of alcohol and caffeine you drink and reduce or preferably eliminate any processed foods and greasy takeaways from your diet and see if this helps to get rid of pimples in this region. You could also try starting your day with a powdered detox drink that contains broccoli, artichoke, and coriander or a detox tea that contains dandelion and milk thistle to help flush out any toxins by helping to clean your liver.

face mapping

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Spots on your cheeks

Acne here tells us that your lungs and respiratory system may be struggling. Spots in this area can be a sign of an allergy which can lead to congestion in your airways. It’s also possible to get spots in this area if you’re traveling in a city that has air pollution.

Spots on or around your nose

Pimples or redness on or around your nose is linked with the heart and your blood pressure. Add foods that are good for your heart and arteries like a lot of plants and good fats to help clear up spots in this region. It’s also a good idea to get your blood pressure checked and have a think about how you’re managing the stress in your life. Setting some time aside in your week to take a yoga class or meditate is a good tool for getting perspective on any issues that may be troubling you.

Spots on your chin

If you find you are breaking out in the center of your chin this is linked with digestive issues and could be related to a food allergy or intolerance. As your skin is your body’s largest organ, one of the ways it gets rid of excess toxins is through the skin so take account of the foods you are choosing to put into your body and be nice to it! If your breakouts are more to the sides of your chin and along your jawline, then hormones are in play as explained below.

Spots on your neck or jawline

With Face mapping pimples here signify a hormone imbalance and are a good sign that your body needs some help in managing these. If you’ve just stopped taking the contraceptive pill and see spots in this area or if your spots here coincide with certain times in your cycle, it’s likely you have hormonal acne.

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