The Beautico girl promotion!

If you share some of the values of a Beautico girl I would love to get some feedback on what you think of the products, so use the coupon code BEAUTICO when you check out and enjoy BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

Healthy lifestyle – you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and fuelling your body with nutrients that help you look and feel your best.

Ingredients – because your skin is the largest organ and a direct route into your bloodstream, it’s important that your skincare products are full of ingredients that promote healthy skin and you feel good about choosing organic or natural products that are free from parabens and sulfates.

Organic – you enjoy sometimes buying organic products and think it’s great that Beautico products are made with organic ingredients and have gone through the BioGrow organic certification process.

Local – you feel good about buying local and supporting products made in New Zealand.

Cruelty-free – you don’t see the need in putting animals under any stress for the sake of beauty and as a conscious consumer feel good about buying cruelty-free products.

Makeup – sometimes you don’t feel like wearing makeup and you want a moisturiser that has a matte finish and doesn’t leave you looking shiny.

If you are a Beautico girl and share some of these values I would love you to try the products and hear your feedback, use the coupon code BEAUTICO when you check out and enjoy BUY ONE GET ONE FREE – when you buy a cleanser and a moisturiser for a limited time only.

Explore the line today and choose the cleanser and the moisturiser that is a perfect match for your skin type!

“I had recently made eating healthier a bigger focus in my life and thought I should extend this to my skincare – it all goes into your bloodstream, right?!  The cleanser is lovely and creamy; it doesn’t dry my skin but it still removes all my makeup and makes it feel beautiful and pure after. I chose the moisturiser for normal/dry skin, as it was going into the winter months, and loved that it seemed to soak in really deep while keeping my face matte (my old brand gave me shiny skin for about 3 hours after using!) Honestly love this new brand and it feels great to know I’m not pumping so many chemicals into my body anymore.”

Alex Bayes, May 2017

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